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(520) 622-2870

Southwest Iron Works offers different types of construction for all of our products. Pricing is based on size, design, and construction type. All pricing is subject to change.

To visit our showroom please call 520-622-2870 to set up an appointment.

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  • 30+ years of experience and quality innovation.
  • Over 100,000 doors, gates and screens installed in our region.
  • A commitment to style, quality and superior service!
  • In 30+ years of experience, we have continually been the leader in design and cutting edge technology for iron products. We have led the industry as the innovator, never the imitator.
  • Located in Tucson, with 30+ years of experience, Southwest Iron Works builds custom single doors, double doors, gates, enclosures, Fort Knox window screens® and Fort Knox window guards®.
  • Wrought iron doors, gates and window guards have been an elegant feature of Southwest residences. Our master craftsmen will design a custom look that fits your desires and the style of your home.
  • Our screen doors, gates and window guards embody the commitment to style and quality that our family and our team of metal artists have been known for all along. They are both our legacy and our calling card, built on the firm foundation of high-level craftsmanship.
  • Each project goes through a rigorous and thorough inspection and review process which allows us to make any changes if needed. Our close involvement from design to finish enables us to deliver products that are unmatched in our industry.
  • Every finished product which leaves our facility has been designed and fabricated to meet our customer’s needs. We've mastered an efficient line of communication between engineering, fabrication and finishing that is paramount to ensure a quality product.
  • We ensure superior quality in each product by designing and engineering proprietary components that are superior to generic or off-the-shelf varieties. We prefer to be the leader of the pack by developing innovative products that can't be found anywhere else in our industry.
  • We’ve found that any fabricator attempting to copy one of our doors turns out to be a costly mistake. Our fabricators have years of experience under their belt fabricating different types of and thicknesses of metal and utilizing various welding machines. This is an art that Southwest Iron Works has mastered.
  • Our product creation process from start to finish:
    • Design Phase
    • Engineering Phase
    • Fabrication Phase
    • Prototype Phase
    • Finished Product
  • We also offer servicing, powder-coating & re-finishing of iron doors, gates, window bars & window screens.
  • Please take your time to browse around our website and see how our products can richly enhance the look of your home.
  • Then give us a call and let our artists go to work for you.
  • 520-622-2870

    MONDAY-FRIDAY 9am - 4pm Call Only



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