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(520) 622-2870


(520) 622-2870

Southwest Iron Works offers different types of construction for all of our products. Pricing is based on size, design, and construction type. All pricing is subject to change.

To visit our showroom please call 520-622-2870 to set up an appointment.


Many times, it is more cost-effective to repair your door or gate as opposed to purchasing a new door or gate. Whether it’s a loose post on your gate or your iron screen door isn’t functioning properly, we can inspect your product to see if repairing it is better than replacing. New locks can be added to your door and re-keyed to match your existing key. A new door sweep can be installed for a better seal. These are just a couple of examples of repairs we can do. Call us today to see if repairs are all you need or if it’s time to replace your product.

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