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(520) 622-2870


(520) 622-2870

Southwest Iron Works offers different types of construction for all of our products. Pricing is based on size, design, and construction type. All pricing is subject to change.

To visit our showroom please call 520-622-2870 to set up an appointment.



Shifting of your door is common which is why we recommend tune-ups of your iron security screen door every 1.5 years.

  • Locks are adjusted and/or lubed
  • The door sweep at the bottom is adjusted to ensure a proper seal (if applicable)
  • Hinges are polished and greased (if applicable)
  • The complete door is inspected and adjusted as necessary to ensure proper function
  • Throw holes are adjusted
  • The sealing of the metal jamb to the wood is inspected
  • All anchor points of the door are inspected

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