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Southwest Iron Works specializes in the latest fabrication technology combined with old world craftsmanship. Our manufacturing and fabrication abilities are our core fundamentals.  Innovative design and engineering gives us the ability to prototype from the ground up which gives us the advantage in our industry. 

With thousands of happy customers you can rest assured you are in safe hands with SWIW. Our clients have trusted SWIW for over 30 years. In return SWIW has provided the best value and customer service in the industry. SWIW invests over a thousand hours every year in research and development looking through every facit of our business for improvements. Whether it’s engineering that specific unique component that is nowhere to be found or creating a unique color that has never been seen before. SWIW never settles for ordinary or off the shelf parts that are used in our industry. SWIW has built a brand name that has raised the bar to a different level.

Southwest Iron Works Industry Advantage

  • In house design and engineering
  • In house prototyping
  • In house computerized cad drawings
  • In house sandblasting & powder coating
  • Over 24 CNC Machinery at our fingertips
  • Non-commission based staff
  • No subcontractors
  • No 1-800 rerouting numbers, talk with our in house staff
  • Trained & certified technicians in SWIW gear & company trucks

Mission Statement

Southwest Iron Works – Utilizes the finest materials & craftsmanship to produce products that are unmatched in the industry and our level of service is second to none. Our family-owned & operated business is built on integrity.

The Cruz family

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